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Drainage Repair

water drainage in the ground

It’s not only foundations or concrete slabs that we can repair. A lot of times we get calls about issues that are happening underneath the slab. More often than not foundation issues are caused by moisture build up. What happens is that moisture builds up in the soil and that causes it to shift more and it takes the structures on top of it for a ride. This can happen naturally with moisture that’s in and around the property. It can also happen when you have a leaky drain underneath the house or the concrete structure. When this happens we’re typically going to need to break through the concrete and go in deep to make the repairs.


Signs That You Have A Drainage Issue

If you wake up one day and there’s no water coming out of the faucet that doesn’t mean that you should hurry to give us a call. That being said, a loss of water pressure around the house and seeing leaks or puddles form out of the blue in your driveway for example can clear signs of a problem down below. If your floors are bubbling up that’s also a sign that you can have some type of drain problem. Don’t ignore these signs.


What We Are Going To Be Able To Do

One of the biggest advantages that you’re going to have in calling us up about these particular issues rather than getting your plumbing company to fix the problem is that we’ll know how to get in to fix the drain and then restore the slab on top of the drain to provide a great finished product. If we need to we’ll bring in drainage experts to help with the project. When plumbers and other types of contractors tackle these issues the repair work on the drain itself can be fine. What they do on top of it though can lack luster. That's the main issue.


Are Our Repairs Potentially Responsible For Drainage Issues?

We mentioned in our slab repair page that there is a growing concern for drainage issues that have developed after a slab repair. For us those are avoidable mistakes. As long as you have a clear idea where the drains are when you’re making slab repairs. We are not the type of company that deals with these types of issues on a regular basis. We can say that.


Who Has To Take Care Of The Problem?

With drainage issues there are always certain property disputes. In the sense that, a leak that is affecting your structure could be coming from the street or from a neighboring property. In those cases the first thing that we’ll need to figure out is whose responsibility the issue is. If for example it’s the city’s fault you need to request that they repair the problem. When there is damage in your property we can help you repair it and you could in turn bill the city for your troubles. It depends on where the leak or problem is located.

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