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Commercial Foundation Repair

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We are not just going to be able to help repair home foundations. Commercial foundations are also part of the services that we offer. The approach that we bring to these types of services is virtually the same to what we offer in homes. Still, the first step towards proper foundation repairs is to figure out what type of challenge we’re dealing with. From there we’ll offer up a solution that fits the specific needs that we find. We have a large enough team to be able to cater to some of these larger services that we offer.


Routine Inspections

Even if you don’t have a particular reason to be concerned about the current state of your foundation it’s still a good idea to get routine inspections on your property. This is going to allow us to spot brewing issues before they develop into what we could call a major foundation problem. In larger buildings these types of major issues are certainly ones that you’re going to want to avoid. Since repairs could end up being way more complex on every level.


Dealing With Different Types of Structures

When it comes to commercial foundation repairs we get calls about all sorts of structures. We’ve gotten calls for example about parking areas. When you have a larger parking area it’s not uncommon for the concrete to start showing cracks and other signs of wear and tear after a couple of years. We can come in and fix those cracks. If we’re talking about an actual building we can also get down to the core of the pier and beam foundation to see if we can’t add some extra support. As we mentioned we have a large enough team that is well equipped and has the experience to be able to tackle some of these tough tasks.


Permits & Legal Requirements

For commercial services in general there are usually more permits and legal requirements that need to be met. You are already dealing with a foundation issue. The last thing that you want is for authorities to come snoop around. If and when there are legal requirements involved in the process we’ll be able to handle them. You won’t find yourself having to drive down to city hall or anything like that. In fact, you can rest assured that you won’t be dealing with any type of permit or license issue at all. In any of the services that we provide.


Working With Insurance Companies

If you have the need for a major repair it’s pretty obvious that if you have the ability to not pay out of pocket you’re going to take the route. We can work, and have worked with different insurance companies. We know the procedures inside and out. If you have any doubts you can call up your insurance company. With these types of instances most insurance companies let their clients pick who they want to work on the project. So you can let them know that you want to work with us.

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